Laser Tattoo Removal vs. Cover Up Tattoo

Cover Up Tattoo vs Laser Tattoo Removal

If you’re unhappy with a current tattoo, you may be weighing your options when it comes to changing it. You could always get another tattoo on top of it as a “cover up” tattoo. Or you could get laser tattoo removal. Which is right for you? Consider these things:

Do you want a tattoo on that part of your body at all?

If Yes- Tattoo cover ups generally take a skilled artist to complete. Ask to see pictures or talk to clients who have had a tattoo cover up performed before. Even with a cover up, fading is usually needed anyway, which is done through laser treatments.

If No- Removal is the way to go. With our Picoway laser, most tattoos can eventually be removed. You should know some factors that affect the success, however.

Do you have patience?

Laser tattoo removal does not happen overnight. Anyone who claims it does is attempting to take your money. We recommend scheduling treatments 4 to 6 weeks apart. Complete removal generally takes 8 to 10 treatments, but can take as many as 15 depending on the density of the tattoo and the color of the ink.

If you’re an eager beaver, a cover up tattoo could be the way to go. However, if you get the original tattoo lightened, we recommend waiting about 6 weeks after your last treatment to put another tattoo in the same location. This time will allow for the treated skin to completely heal.  

Are you getting a cover up tattoo because of expense?

Laser tattoo removal can be costly… but so are tattoos. Consider this: skilled tattoo artists can charge up to $150/hour for their work, and you’ll want a skilled artist for cover up tattoos. This price will likely come after you’ve already paid for some lightening treatments too. Furthermore, you can’t put a price tag on happiness if you truly don’t want a tattoo at all.

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