Chemical Peels: Myth vs Reality

Do chemical peels hurt? What does a chemical peel do? Is a chemical peel good for your skin? We hear questions like these on a daily basis from curious clients. Chemical peels are the professional skin care treatment that is shrouded in the most mystery. There is a lot of incorrect information out there, so read on to separate the myths from the facts.

Myth: You have to hide your face after a chemical peel

Fact: There are multiple different types of chemical peels, but there is no need to go into hiding if you get a chemical peel that uses a modern formula. PCASkin Peels at New Life Laser have advanced formulas that not only provide controlled penetration throughout the epidermis, but also detoxify, soothe and hydrate so your skin will not be red or uncomfortable when you leave the spa.

The chemical peel recovery time with advanced peels is extremely short. In fact, you can immediately go right back to your daily routine.

Myth: Chemical peels hurt

Fact: You may experience a little tingling, tightness, or a change in temperature, but our chemical peels do not hurt. Your esthetician will continuously ask questions to make sure no sensation is too extreme.

While you shouldn't feel pain during or after the procedure, you may experience slightly increased sensitivity after. To avoid irritation or discomfort on your newly resurfaced skin, do not exfoliate for 5-7 days after your chemical peel. Steer clear of the gym for 24 hours after and drink plenty of water to protect your skin and prolong the amazing results you see post-treatment. Be sure to use your post-procedure kit for as long as your esthetician recommends.

Myth: You need to take time off work for a few days after a chemical peel

Fact: With old-school ablative peels, the chemical peel recovery time is lengthy and you do need to take time off work – but those traditional formulas are a thing of the past. PCASkin chemical peels coax the skin into shape rather than assault it, with an advanced formula that's scientifically proven more effective than traditional formulas, which have monster-strength percentages of a single acid & are not customizable to your particular skin concerns. The post-peel reality is a glowing, healthy complexion.

Myth: Your skin will flake and peel off after a chemical peel

Fact: With PCASkin chemical peels at New Life Laser, there is zero pain, zero downtime, and zero flaking! The sophisticated formulas provide a controlled peel on a microscopic level. The chemical peels remove the damaged skin, but the buffering ingredients, prevent redness, irritation and flaking. Instead of walking out with flakey skin, you will leave the spa with smooth, happy skin.


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