Removing A Fresh Tattoo

Every week here at New Life Laser we have consultations with people whose tattoos are just a few days old (yes, you read that correctly). Their question to us: how soon can I start treatments to remove this tattoo?!?

The intention for just about every tattoo is that it will with you forever, a permanent part of who you are. But the instant tattoo regret described above is actually quite common. Sometimes the tattoo was a spur-of-the-moment decision that the person immediately regrets, and other times the recipient simply does not like the way a thoroughly-planned tattoo turned out.

So, the day has finally come and after going over the art work with your tattoo artist and making sure everything’s understood its finally time to get started. Midway into the session you glance at your tattoo and probably instantly think “this is definitely not what I wanted” but you instantly calm yourself down with the thought that it isn’t over yet.

So, you patiently wait for the artist to be done and hope that somehow it comes out just right. After what seems like forever, he asks you to take a look at it. Inside you want to cry, but you simple say “it’s nice, thank you”, quickly pay and leave.  Now you’re stuck with something you absolutely hate, how horrific. Again, this is a lot more common than you would think.

The next move? You question, how soon can I get this removed? Well the answer to that is probably not as soon enough as you’d like.

As soon as that tattoo is placed on your body your body is naturally breaking that ink down, so the older the tattoo is the better candidate it is for speedy removal. That said, we totally get that you want to start sessions soon, which is where New Life Laser’s Tattoo Removal comes in.

We cannot treat a tattoo until it is completely healed. This may take 4-6 weeks after you have it applied.

We definitely don’t want to harm your skin with a laser on top of a fresh tattoo. Just keep in mind, that it can be removed and that we will do so in a completely safe way. Most tattoos take five to ten treatments for complete removal, so be aware that there is a time commitment involved and the tattoo cannot be gone in a few hours as it was applied.

New Life Laser offers free consultations, so come see us as soon after your regretted tattoo as you’d like. This way we can go over the entire procedure and pricing and set the dates for removal treatments. When the time is right, we would be more than happy to get you started!

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