Laser Hair Removal for Men

Like many cosmetic treatments, men are usually reluctant to talk or ask questions about laser hair removal. We are working to break this silence, as laser hair removal is very effective and successful for men.

Why Laser Hair Removal is a Good Choice for Men

Laser hair removal is a good option for men for several reasons. The biggest being the convenience. Laser hair removal can be a “lunchtime treatment”, as most sessions last 15 minutes or less. There is no downtime afterwards, which means you can head back to work and no one will be the wiser!

The laser removal method is great for a targeted area like the back of the neck, jawline, or sideburns- all popular areas for men. These areas are perfect for the small laser tip to precisely target and treat, giving you clean lines.

Furthermore, with New Life Laser’s guaranteed package, clients save money when they aren’t having to constantly return to the barber for trims, shaves, and touch ups. Our packages come with a lifetime guarantee, which means that once your treatments are finished, you’ll never have to worry about unwanted hairs in that area again!

Popular Hair Removal Areas for Men


The front and back of the neck is one of our most popular areas for men. Even men who typically enjoy facial hair like the clean edges that laser hair removal brings. The laser prevents hair from creeping down the neck, making a fresh haircut look messy.


Yes! We can rid men of those pesky stray ear hairs. This is a small area that is quick and easy to treat. No more trimmers and shavers are necessary!

Full Back

Imagine never having to worry about back hairs at the beach again. This can be a reality with our full back package. Even an area this large can be quick and easy to treat, with no downtime. Men can be confident without a shirt again.

These, of course, are just some of our most popular areas. Men visit New Life Laser for all areas, from feet, to hands, to legs, to stomach- all available with our guarantee package. There is no risk in coming in for a free consultation and letting us evaluate the desired area!

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