Resolve Facial vs. Fraxel: An Honest Comparison

So, you’re likely familiar with Fraxel Laser Treatments. The Fractional laser concept relies on creating hundreds of thousands of tiny pinpoint columns of damage in the skin. Fractional means the columns of lasers are divided in grids and leaves untouched tissue between the damage. This has the advantage of speeding up healing and stimulates the production of collagen. Fraxel has launched a number of versions since the Fraxel Re:store was first released.

New Life Laser invested in the Syneron Candela ResolveTM  holographic fractional laser. We believe this breakthrough technology has all the benefits of Fraxel without the negatives.




Fraxel Re:fine is a gentle version of the original Fraxel Re:store. Beauty therapists in salons can perform it. It is a mild non-ablative fractional laser that is used mainly for maintenance and prevention.

Targeted conditions: Fine lines, age spots, pigmentation and irregular texture.
Number of treatments: 4- 6 treatments with 1-month intervals
Downtime: Minimal with mild discomfort


Fraxel Re:store is the original Fraxel treatment. It is an aggressive non-ablative fractional designed to address sun damaged skin but not deep wrinkles or sagging skin.

Targeted conditions: Acne scars, crow’s feet, pigmentation, melasma.
Number of treatments: 3-5 treatments with 1-month intervals
Downtime: 3-4 days with moderate discomfort


Fraxel Re:pair is a fractionated CO2 laser that is ablative and is designed to do deep resurfacing. Only a doctor is approved to perform this treatment. It is meant to treat the most severe of skin conditions and alternative to face lifts.

Targeted conditions: Sagging skin, deep frown lines/ wrinkles, irregular texture.
Number of treatments: 1 treatment
Downtime: 7+ days of severe healing with significant discomfort



ResolveTM is a breakthrough non-ablative holographic fractional laser. The innovative technique is due to the new picosecond nature of the laser. As the speed is so fast and when focused it creates Laser Induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) in the lower epidermal and dermal layer. This is important because the laser is destroying the cells under the skin while at the same time leaving the surface of the skin undamaged. This is a major advantage as you still have your natural barrier against infection, so you are healing from the inside out. Additionally, you have the benefit of the fractional nature of the laser. There is no downtime and your skin is red for only 24 hours. A series of 4 treatments will deliver the results are equivalent to Fraxel Repair but with no downtime and zero discomfort.

Targeted conditions: Acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines, melasma, crow’s feet, deep frown lines, sagging skin, irregular texture.
Number of treatments: 4 treatments with 1-month intervals
Downtime: No downtime (redness for 24 hours) with no discomfort

Fraxel Restore and Repair has been effective in facial rejuvenation but not everyone is prepared to go through the downtime and discomfort. The unique ResolveTM  holographic fractional dual wavelength laser can now deliver all the amazing results of the Fraxel family without the downtime or discomfort. This allows a truly lunch time laser facial rejuvenation.

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