Can I Get Another Tattoo Once the Previous is Removed?

Having a tattoo is a big decision to make, and you have to make the best one for yourself and your unique situation. Through the use of the latest technology advancements, you’re able to have tattoos removed. However, what happens when you have a tattoo removed, and you want to have a new tattoo placed in the same area? Is this possible?

Getting a New Tattoo

Whether you’re choosing a complete, full removal of a tattoo, a selection of the tattoo removed or just a fade of the tattoo, you can obtain a new tattoo in the same area. The skin will be just like your normal skin once the laser removal is complete. This allows you to have the option of obtaining a new tattoo in the same area without any complications.

It is suggested that you wait around five to six weeks to get a new tattoo put on the area, however. This is to make sure that the skin that has been treated is completely healed from the laser removal process, and it is healthy and supple. This will also ensure that the skin can take to the ink that is being used for the new tattoo. Once the designated amount of time has been reached, you are free to choose a tattoo parlor to do the new tattoo. 

Remove Your Old Tattoo with Ease

Always speak with a professional that can remove the old tattoo before getting the new tattoo. Here at New Life Laser, we can walk you through the tattoo removal process, so you can feel more confident about the choice you’re making. 

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