Cost Of Skin Treatments

Curious of pricing before you come in? We would be to. Read on to gather some general price options so you know what to expect. No matter how much research you do beforehand, exact pricing online is nearly impossible. A knowledgeable professional needs to evaluate your skin to know what treatment options are best for YOU.

Skin Treatment Packages

Peel Package: $399 3 Peels ($51 savings)

Laser Package: $425 3 Laser Treatments  ($100 savings)

Peel & Laser Package $824 3 Peels / 3 Laser Treatments ($151 savings)

Because laser skin treatments tend to do best on skin that has a healthy barrier, we sometimes recommend starting with a peel to prepare the top layers of the dermis & bring discoloration to the surface so that the laser can more effectively target pigmented areas.

Each peel purchased includes a post-proceedure kit to ensure your results continue at home!

Laser Treatments Target:

Signs of Aging & Aging Prevention

Sensitive Skin

Acne & Acne Scarring

Spot Treatments For Hyper-Pigmentation Available As Well!



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