How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Our most frequently asked question is definitely - “how much does laser hair removal cost?”

Each laser hair removal area comes at a different price, but we’ll do a comparison of some of the most common areas – ones that most women would use some sort of hair removal on anyway, whether it be shaving, waxing, etc. – the underarms, the bikini area, and the legs.

Consider shaving…

Using a middle-ground, refillable razor (the most popular category when it comes to shaving razors) and average priced shave gel as comparison, here’s what you’re potentially spending on shaving:

  • Initial razor investment: $10
  • Refill cartridges: $25 for 6 cartridges (about $4.17/cartridge)
  • Shave gel/cream: $3.50

The recommended length of a razor use is 5-10 shaves. Of course, if you have coarse, thick hair, you’ll fall on the more frequent end of the spectrum, while fine, light hair can go longer. If, on average, this would mean needing to change your razor cartridge about every 2 weeks, one would go through roughly 31 razor heads in a year (this is also if you keep up with the same razor base all year long). This means that you’d spend, on average, about $150/year on razors and cartridges alone. Now let’s say each can of shave gel/cream lasts approximately 1 month. This means you’re spending about $50 on gels and creams. Add in the cost of the initial razor, we’ve got over $200/year spent on shaving.

Now let’s say girls begin shaving their legs at an average of 12 years old, and continue to do so until age 60- this would be an expense of over $10k on shaving! Remember- this is with basic utensils and prices!

And, though you can’t put a concrete price on it, they do say “time is money”. If you factored in 10 minutes per shave for basic legs, bikini area, and underarms, that’s over 5 hours per year simply spent shaving! This means in the 48-year span… over 10 DAYS of your life spent SHAVING!

Things we absolutely cannot put a price on (but you can consider extra in your value):

  • The freeing feeling of not wondering if you remembered to shave while on the lake with friends
  • The ease of not having to remember to pack a razor or shave gel when traveling
  • The joy in not dealing with red bumps, ingrown hairs, or razor cuts
  • The relief of simply not having to shave again!

In the long run, laser hair removal is both cost and time effective, and more comfortable and less hassle than shaving.

With New Life Laser’s Lifetime Guarantee, you’re also getting the best deal in the laser hair removal industry. Most laser hair removal in Middle Tennessee offers touch ups for 1 or 2 years after your treatments. At New Life Laser, you have touch ups for a lifetime.

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