What Happens at My First Laser Hair Removal Appointment?

We always begin the laser hair removal process with a personalized consultation & detailed conversation with one of our highly experienced clinicians. We will do a microscopic analysis of your hair follicle to evaluate hair color, consistency, etc. to determine proper settings for your first treatment. The evaluation is done using a very small, handheld camera that is placed flush with the skin & captures a photo about 1” in diameter. These photos are saved on your patient file to refer back to during future evaluations allowing us (and you) to watch your laser hair removal progress up close. We will then create a treatment plan for you laying out how your treatments will be scheduled and what results you will see along the way.

During your first treatment, your clinician will lead you into one of our private treatment rooms and instruct you on how to get ready for treatment. Depending on the area being treated, we will provide wipes to remove any lotions or deodorant on the skin. Remember, the laser prefers “squeaky clean” skin. When having the bikini area treated we will provide a drape to cover with in order to ensure you are as comfortable as possible at all times. A pair of specialty glasses will also be provided to protect your eyes during the treatment.

With our lasers, there is no need to apply gel or numbing cream before the treatment. With each pulse (or zap) of the laser, an area about 18cm is being targeted while a cool air is emitted from the handpiece making the treatment very comfortable. Because the laser is treating a fairly large area with each pulse, the treatment as a whole is quite fast! Underarms usually only takes about 10 minutes, Brazilian in 15 minutes and entire legs treated in 30-40 minutes.

During the treatment, we will talk you through the entire process & instruct you on comfortable positioning on the exam table for each area being lasered. Once the treatment is complete, we recommend applying sunscreen before leaving the office & have our favorite brands available for use. You may experience slight redness in the area that usually subsides within an hour. In some cases, the redness can last up to 24 hours, but this is far less frequent.

We know that the internet is full of horror stories of excessively painful laser hair removal treatments & we want to assure you, every single patient we have come in for their first treatment, leaves with a feeling of “Oh! That wasn’t so bad!” as laser technology has improved over the years, the process of permanently removing hair has become virtually painless.

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