What Type of Tattoo Removal Laser is Best?

The demand for tattoo removal or fading has grown significantly in the last few years, especially in the Nashville area. It is been estimated that as many as 20% of those with a tattoo, regret all or some of their ink. For this reason, making the removal process as easy & effective as possible is our #1 priority with all of our tattoo removal clients.

Let’s dive into different types of lasers used in the Laser Tattoo Removal industry.

What is a Q-Switch laser?

The term LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Essentially using a machine, you are creating a beam of energy. The energy can be modified to perform a variety of tasks, such as cutting a piece of metal a removing a tattoo. For medical uses the source of energy needs to be controlled to prevent a burn or causing damage to the skin.

This is where the Q-Switch comes into play. The Q-Switch is a mechanism that blocks the beam of energy and allows you to release it in a controlled pulse. How much energy you release and for how long determines how destructive the energy is. The issue with Q-Switch laser is the short release of energy is 1 nanosecond. A nanosecond is 1 billionth of a second. This may seem like it’s an extremely short time., However, within the small time frame, a significant amount of heat can be generated. The heat can subsequently cause a burn or discolor the skin. And this is why a Q-Switch laser can only be used on certain skin types & is only effective on very dark tattoos. The inability to control the laser energy effectively also results in far more ink left in the skin after the removal process than the newer, upgraded Pico technology.

What is a Picoway laser?

Picoway is the latest advancement in laser tattoo removal technology. Essentially, the energy that is built up within the laser is released in 1 picosecond. 1 picosecond is equal to 1000 nanoseconds. Therefore, a high amount of energy can be released in an extremely short timeframe. The shorter timeframe prevents the heat being generated and therefore, lesser chance of burning the skin or altering the pigmentation.

The short bursts of energy also shatter the ink in the tattoo into much smaller particles than the Q-Switch laser can achieve. The smaller particles of ink are more easily absorbed by the body, and therefore, the clearance time to remove the tattoo with the PICOWAY laser is significantly less than that with the Q-Switch .

Picoway is a popular laser tattoo removal system because the settings within the machine can be customized to any skin tone & for all tattoo colors using 3 individual wavelengths.

In conclusion, Picoway, with its advances in technology, is clearly the optimal choice for those looking to get rid of their tattoo regrets faster.

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