Should I Remove My Tattoo?

Not every piece of ink is a great idea. Sometimes, a tattoo just isn’t working, and tattoo removal (or tattoos removal) is the only option.  Here are a few reasons why you might want to take an eraser to your ink.

No Longer In That Relationship

The classic cliché, but it happens.  Often, people will remove a bit and repurpose the rest to a new and beautiful tattoo.

Old Tattoos

Everyone thinks they’re amazing when they’re 18. But sometimes, the ink that gelled then doesn’t really match your 9 to 5 bank manager job (especially if it’s visible). At some point, it becomes better to take the pain, and just laser remove the whole thing.

Travelling Tattoo

Sometimes when you’re traveling, getting a tattoo seems like a great idea – until you get home. There are lots of place outside of Nashville that inspire you to ink there, only to find that it doesn’t quite fit your Middle Tennessee lifestyle back home.

There’s lot of reasons to remove a tattoo, and the best people to do it are the folks at New Life Laser at 411 East Iris Dr. Suite D Nashville, TN 37204. Request an appointment today. 

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