Couples Tattoos: The Grand Gesture (That We Sometimes Regret)

Many of us would do anything for our significant other. From the little things like holding her purse or developing an interest in baseball, to the grand sweeping gestures like getting couples tattoos.

A couples tattoo can be viewed as a living testimony of our commitment to our partner — a stamp of our love. Unfortunately, sometimes that commitment falls apart — that love ends.

We’re not trying to be cynical about relationships and love. It was Marilyn Monroe who said, “Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” We couldn’t agree more. But, it can be hard to find that next, better thing with an old tattoo peeking out from beneath your sleeve.

Every time you accidentally catch a glimpse of that stamp from a past relationship your heart cycles through many emotions, from hurt and embarrassment to anger and resentment.

If you know these feelings intimately and have a couples tattoo that needs to be removed, it’s time to finally pick up the phone and call New Life Laser, the premier place for tattoo removal in Nashville. We can explain to you how laser tattoo removal works, how many sessions your specific couples tattoo may need and the results you can expect.

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