Laser Tattoo Removal: How Soon Can My New Tattoo Be Removed?

You knew the minute you left the chair that it was a mistake. Or, maybe you knew the next day or the day after that. Regretting a new tattoo is quite common, and there are many reasons you might feel this way.

  • For some, getting inked is an impulsive decision inspired by a challenging life experience.
  • For others, the artwork just doesn’t turn out the way they’d expected.

 Whatever the reason, you may be left asking, “How soon is too soon for laser tattoo removal?”  

Tattooed skin is very delicate, and you need to wait until the area is fully healed before removal can take place.  Laser tattoo removal can irritate your skin, and already inflamed skin can significantly exacerbate this irritation. Applying a laser to newly tattooed skin prematurely can cause damage.

People heal at different rates, so an exact length of time before your new tattoo can be removed is difficult to pinpoint. Most doctors find that tattoos take between six and eight weeks to fully heal. But, be encouraged! New Life Laser can begin laser tattoo removal treatments as soon as it is safe to proceed. Our clients tend to start feeling better immediately once the process is underway.

One final point to keep in mind: Effective laser tattoo removal typically takes between five and ten sessions, but each case can vary.

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