8 Factors That Affect the Success of Laser Tattoo Removal

Forty-five million Americans have tattoos, and about one in three of them regret getting their tattoo. That’s over 15 million cringe-worthy mistakes. It’s a good thing that laser tattoo removal is both safe and effective. If you’re considering laser tattoo removal, here are eight factors that affect the success of a laser tattoo removal procedure that you need to know about.


Smaller tattoos are easier to remove. If your tattoo is very large, your doctor may have to treat it in stages to prevent too much energy being absorbed by the skin in one session.

Tattoo Color

Black and dark blue tattoos are the easiest to remove. Orange, yellow, white and pink ink are the hardest tattoo colors to remove.

Skin Color

Unfortunately, it is much harder for patients with darker skin tones to successfully remove their tattoos. Darker skin tones can absorb greater amounts of laser energy, which can cause skin damage.


The types of ink used in tattoos vary greatly, and not all are able to absorb tattoo removal lasers easily. Generally, newer ink is easier to remove — some new ink is even specially designed for lasers to easily target it.


If a tattoo is located in an especially sensitive area, your doctor has to use reduced energy levels to prevent burns and discomfort. Because of this, tattoos in non-sensitive areas are easier to remove.

Healing Ability

When undergoing laser tattoo removal, some patients heal slower than others. Patients with slower healing abilities need to keep in mind that they will likely require more time between subsequent treatments.


More experienced tattoo artists are able to inject ink at roughly the same depth in the skin throughout the tattoo. This makes laser tattoo removal easier because your doctor can calibrate the laser to target most of the tattoo at one time.


The older the tattoo, the more ingrained it becomes in the skin, and as a result, older tattoos are very difficult to remove.

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