How Often Should I Get Skin Treatments?

Suggestions for skin health maintenance

As clinicians, we want to provide the best possible treatments for our patients’ skin. Once we have chosen the best treatment or treatments, the next step is to plan how frequently the patient must receive those treatments in order to obtain their desired results. New Life Laser’s philosophy is to follow a progressive, rather than aggressive, approach; meaning including the least amount of inflammation to the skin in order to achieve those great results. 

We recommend basing frequency of treatment on the condition rather than the chosen formulation. For the best results, follow these guidelines:

Discoloration can be treated every three weeks. If you treat uneven skin tone more often, you run the risk of causing too much inflammation; conversely if you don’t treat uneven skin tone not often enough, you are allowing pigment to be deposited into the keratinocytes. By treating uneven skin tone every four weeks, you are suppressing the melanocyte from producing more melanin, as well as simultaneously reducing the darker appearance of the previously pigmented cells as they rise to the surface of the skin, minimizing the appearance of the discoloration as you are treating it. 

Acne (all types) can be treated every two weeks. Treating acne every week, could create too much inflammation, while waiting longer between treatments allows the propionibacterium (P. acnes) more time to proliferate. By treating acneic skin types every two weeks, you are staying ahead of the bacteria production while minimizing the appearance of future breakouts and encouraging the healing process. 

Sensitive skin and rosacea can be treated every four weeks. Because the skin is already irritated in most sensitive skin situations, treating it more frequently than every four weeks will cause too much irritation.

Aging skin can be treated every two weeks. Aging skin types are usually also combating uneven skin tone. Treating the aging patient every three weeks not only manages the discoloration issues, but also keeps the skin hydrated and infused with firming and plumping ingredients.

Ultimately, the goal is to have our patients come in on a once-a-month basis for skin health maintenance. Also, we must stress to each of our patients the importance of daily care in conjunction with regular in-office treatments.

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