Should I Get Laser Hair Removal in Winter?

Laser Hair Removal In Winter

In short, YES! Winter is typically the ideal time to get laser hair removal. To many, this seems counter intuitive. Why would you want to spend time and money to remove hair when the majority of your body is covered up in this season?

Hair Detection
While advanced technology in lasers has improved hair detection, hair removal works naturally when there is the most contrast between the skin and the hair. This means that your skin is considerably lighter than the hair we’re removing. And that’s just for success reasons.

For comfort, clients should stay out of direct sun and protect all skin with sunblock for one to two months after the treatment, as the skin is likely to be sensitive. It’s a no-brainer that winter facilitates the ability to do this with ease.

Treatment Completion
New Life Laser believes in helping clients achieve their smoothest, hair free skin. This process is specialized for each person through our customized treatment plans, which is broken down into 3 phases. The goal is to provide 90% hair loss in only 8 to 12 treatments. Even with keeping the timeline as short as possible, completing the entire cycle takes a little time. Beginning treatments in the winter will ensure that you are ready for shorts and bikinis come warmer weather.

Turns out winter is a great time to undergo laser hair removal! If you need to schedule an appointment or would like to give the gift of laser hair removal, please contact us.

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