Unique Laser-Result Evaluation

New Life Treatment Plans

While laser hair removal success can vary based on client and differing factors, New Life Laser wants to ensure that every person who comes into our office is well-informed as to what their treatment process will look like. This unique process starts from the moment a client says they are interested in laser hair removal.

Rebecca Pugh, owner of New Life Laser, describes it like this:

"We use a special system that no one else uses to determine the best settings to use for your individual skin & hair. This analysis is done several times during your treatment to monitor your progress and ensure that we are using the most effective settings on the laser. Our clients love seeing their results! With this system, our goal is to provide 90% hair reduction in only 8 treatments. Most people will also need 4 treatments for "touch ups", to treat extra dormant and stubborn recurring hair. The technician will give you an individualized written treatment plan for each area that you have treated."

Essentially, for each area treated, the tech will break down the treatment into 3 phases. The first phase targets coarse, thick hair. The second focuses on fine, stubborn hairs. The last phase is for maintenance of any of those needed touch ups. The client will be given a written form explaining the treatment plan and treatment frequency. New Life Laser strives to keep clients in-the-know on all procedures to achieve the maximum level of comfort and success. 

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