Long, thick and lush eyelashes are sexy! Let’s face it, in the past most women had to use mascara or fake eyelashes to make their lashes look lovely. Having long, thick, sexy eyelashes helps frame your eyes and makes women feel more feminine, confident and naturally beautiful! Unfortunately, mascara and eyelash extensions don't last long before you get raccoon eyes or end up with damaged eyelashes. How about eyelash growth serums? Sure enough, many eyelash serums claim to lengthen eyelashes and end up taking months before even a slightly noticeable difference appears. So, if you're wondering "Can I really get thick, long and dark eyelashes easily, quickly, naturally and affordably?" There's good news ahead!

Maximizing the potential of our eyelashes is a matrix from the thousands of different mascara products, infinite array of eyelash serums and eyelash growth tricks, to the messy, difficult and often damaging effects of eyelash implants and extensions. Thankfully Latisse is here to help! Millions of women worldwide have discovered this safe, proven and effective eyelash growth serum and are raving about its extraordinary results. We have added it to our product menu at New Life Laser, making those infamous Latisse eyelashes available to everyone!

One of the biggest draws to Latisse is the fast result. The effectiveness of Latisse is currently unparalleled by any other eyelash growth serum on the market. Originally used to treat glaucoma, the main ingredient, bimatoprost solution, is responsible for miraculous and natural growth in just a matter of 16 weeks. While users report noticeable results within the first month of using Latisse, optimum results in 16 weeks shows a 25% increase in eyelash length, 106% increase in eyelash thickness/fullness and an 18% increase in eyelash darkness. Latisse works primarily by increasing the duration of the natural eyelash growth phase, as well as increasing the number of eyelashes active in this phase. Therefore, the eyelash growth period is extended long enough to produce those gorgeous and seductive results for which Latisse eyelashes have become known.

We welcome you to join our community of satisfied and excited customers and we're looking forward to delighting you with exceptional service and incredibly beautiful Latisse eyelashes!


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