Professional vs. At-Home Masks

Many of our patients have been asking about our thoughts on sheet masks so we decided to share our opinion about them here. Korean sheet masks have been trending in the U.S. for a few years now. They’re inexpensive and convenient. Some sheet masks can give you instant results like pore-tightening and hydration. And some, well…they’re just fun, cute and perfect for selfies. Professional masks come in different forms and can target more skin concerns. Unlike the sheet masks, your esthetician can customize your mask to target multiple concerns on different areas of the face with concentrated active ingredients. Depending on the brand you use, sheet masks can have some benefits (like hydration). However, sheet mask can't replace professional masks. Even the best sheet masks are usually doused in a "one-trick" serum-based formula that can't multi-task with additional exfoliation or deep-purging benefits.

The majority of sheet masks don't contain high quality ingredients either. They are often loaded with artificial fragrances, dyes, and other filler ingredients that have no skin benefits (and can even harm your skin). Always read the labels on anything you put on your skin:

If the product contains synthetic fragrances, 'parfum', artificial dyes, parabens, phthalates or DEA, it's not a high-quality product that can truly help your skin.

Professional treatments & masks, on the other hand, contain high quality ingredients that work together to benefit your skin. They also come in different forms (clay, cream, etc) and can tackle more skin concerns than sheet masks do. View Our Entire Skin Service Menu Here

Highly trained and licensed estheticians don't use mass market sheet masks because there are professional products that will tackle their clients' concerns more effectively.


Pro tip: Just because sheet masks usually have serum-based formulas doesn't mean they can replace traditional serums either. Sheet masks aren't meant for everyday use, while high quality professional formulas often are. They are also limited in which concerns they can actually tackle.


Acne prone and oily skin types will see better results with a targeted professional treatment

Perhaps the biggest negative when it comes to sheet masks is that they are often not designed for oily skin or acne prone skin. Sheet masks for oily skin or for acne prone skin can actually increase bacteria on the surface skin, which can cause breakouts. If you suffer from either of these skin concerns, skip sheet masks and opt for professional treatments that target your specific concerns. (Like a Detoxify Facial!)


You can't multi-mask with sheet masks

You can't double or multi-mask with sheet masks like you can with professional treatment. This limits how specific you can be with your at-home skin care. Multi-masking is particularly beneficial for those who have different concerns on different areas of their face (like an oily, congested t-zone and dry skin on the outer section of the face). You can't double task either when it comes to sheet masks. Some masks are very slick so they tend to slide off your face, forcing you to lie down or lean back to prevent them from falling off. 


So, do sheet masks work?

That depends on what you mean by 'work'. Depending on the brand, sheet masks can have some benefits (like hydration), but even the best sheet mask can't replace professional treatment. Most sheet masks contain a "one-trick" product that can't give you additional benefits, like professional, medical grade treatments can.


Bottom line

Sheet masks are trendy because they are fun and different, but they shouldn't replace professional skin care formulas and methods. They have potential to become better, but for now stick with what's proven to work.


If you're still asking yourself "do sheet masks work?" or have any questions or comments about sheet masks vs. professional treatments, schedule a complimentary skin consultation with one of our Aestheticians at New Life Laser.

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