Scary Tattoo's and How to Remove Them

To be clear, we aren’t against tattoos. We don’t even dislike them! Many of our technicians have tattoos of their own that they absolutely love. What we ARE against, however, is the notion that you must live with a tattoo that you hate, just because it’s supposed to be “permanent.”

Not all tattoos are created equal- some are small, some are large. Some are colored, some are black. Some are great, and some are really, REALLY, bad. We want to take care of those scary bad tattoos, and thanks to our PicoWay laser, we are prepared to remove them. 

How It Works

Tattoo ink is automatically attacked by the body’s white blood cells as soon as it’s injected into the skin. The white blood cells recognize the ink particles as intruders and immediately begin working to break them down. Most of the ink particles are too large, however, which is why many tattoos will fade over time but not disappear completely. 

Our PicoWay laser operates in picoseconds, or one trillionth of a second, to shatter the ink particles into smaller bits. These broken-down pieces are small enough to be completely excreted by white blood cells. 

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