Skin Feeling Dry & Dehydrated?

This time of year, the most frequently mentioned skincare concern is dryness. Proper hydration is imperative for optimal skin health and appearance. Dehydrated skin is rough and flaky, and dryness accentuates the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Though symptoms may be similar, dehydrated skin is different than dry skin. Dry skin does not produce enough oil and feels tight. Dehydrated skin lacks the humectants needed to look and feel smooth.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant that can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. Because it helps skin attract moisture and smooth rough texture upon contact, hyaluronic acid is an ideal moisturizing ingredient for dry and dehydrated skin. In addition to plumping skin, hyaluronic acid instantly leaves skin looking and feeling supple.


Dry and dehydrated skin can be corrected by supplying emollients that add oil, or humectants that draw water into the skin. Replenishing the skin’s moisture level also restores and reinforces the skin’s barrier. When this barrier is healthy, it reduces moisture loss that leads to dehydration, and reduces sensitivity by preventing irritants from entering the skin. As a result, skin looks, feels, and performs better. Proper hydration also helps to prevent and correct signs of aging. 

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