Embarrassing Questions: ANSWERED!

Let’s face it. Hair removal can seem like an uncomfortable conversation, especially with someone you’ve just met.

If you’re nervous to inquire about any awkward or embarrassing areas that might suffer from excessive hair, don’t be! Remember, this is what we Specialize in! We as laser technicians have heard it all & a majority of the questions clients are nervous to ask, have been asked numerous times before. Don’t be shy!

However, if you’re too nervous to speak to your medical laser technician in person, here are answers to some of the most embarrassing laser hair removal questions:

When getting a bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal, am I fully naked from the waist down?

Usually for Brazilian it is required to undress in order for us to adequately treat the area. We’ll always provide a drape for you to cover up with if you choose & totally understand when clients want to bring a distraction (phone, book, iPod, etc.) to make themselves more comfortable. We’re women too, we get it! Your technician will talk you through your first treatment & it is our goal to make sure you feel confident every step of the way. The bikini & Brazilian areas are among the most popular chosen by our clients, the entire process only takes a few minutes & the results last a lifetime!

Does Brazilian laser hair removal include my anal region?

If you want, yes! At your first treatment we will go over exactly what you want done. Some clients like 100% of the area hair free while others prefer to leave some behind. It’s your decision what you do, or do not get removed, we know what questions to ask in order to provide the best service possible (I know what you’re thinking, “I’m going to have to ask a stranger to laser my backside, oh no!” … rest assured we do this all-day long. Once the front is finished, you’ll be prompted by the technician to reposition yourself to complete the back of the Brazilian. Worry not!)

What about male Brazilian? Is that offered?



Do women get their back done? What about other embarrassing areas?

All the time! We speak to women every day who think they are the only one with hair on their back, stomach, chest, face, etc. I Promise you’re not alone & we WANT to help! Women’s face laser hair removal accounts for almost 50% of treatments preformed, hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause can encourage pesky chin hairs to make an appearance along with never before seen areola hairs. We can treat any place on your body!

Do a lot of men get laser hair removal?

New Life Laser see’s numerous male clients daily. We can remove the hair from the back of a man’s neck while seamlessly maintaining the straight line from the barber shop… meaning haircuts look fresh 2-4x longer! Sick of razor burn on the front of the neck? Laser Hair Removal for Men can eliminate this problem!  Men’s beards consist of course, thick hairs that can tug & pull when shaving which leads to irritation. Many of our male clients notice a significant reduction in razor burn and ingrown hairs after just a few treatments. Of course, we also treat areas like the back, chest, shoulders, legs, the list goes on!


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