5 Ways New Life Laser Can Help You Look Your Best This Fall Season

1. Laser Hair Removal

Many of us have problems with our confidence when it comes to hair growth. Growing hair in places where you have never had it before or developing thickening body hair is an incredibly sensitive topic. The ‘au naturale’ look may have been popular many years ago but these days we would raise an eyebrow at excessive armpit, leg or bikini hair. Today’s style, it’s much more common to have no hair anywhere except on your head. Unfortunately, most women at some point have experienced the surprise of hair showing up where they would rather not have it; often certain key stages in life where hormonal levels fluctuate are often the cause of unwanted hair.

The laser hair removal requires at least 4-6 sessions. These treatments will destroy the hair which will result in a permanent reduction and will reduce possibilities of the hairs becoming ingrown. You will see a massive reduction, (between 85-95%) and will feel much more confident without the constant urge to shave or tweeze unwanted hair.

2. Good-Bye Ingrown hair!

In addition to getting rid of stubble & visible hair in unwanted areas, Laser Hair Removal is the ONLY way to permanently get rid of ingrown hair, razor burn & other skin irritations related to shaving & waxing.

3. Glowing Skin With Professional Treatments

While the saying goes that “beauty is only skin deep,” the way your skin looks can definitely affect how you feel about yourself. Glowing skin can be a major confidence boost, and it’s a sign that your skin is healthy and taken care of well. When your complexion looks less than perfect, this can have the opposite effect on your self-esteem. Regardless of your age, skin issues like acne can mess with your self-esteem, making you feel less confident in yourself, and frustrated with how your skin appears.

4. At-Home Skincare.

We get it, professional skin treatments like laser facials and chemical peels can seem like a scary first step. Great results can start AT HOME! Proper skin care can go a long way in improving your overall beauty and good health and it can also affect your self-confidence. Knowing you are doing the best for your skin will really help with your self-confidence, help create your own glow!

When you have acne or dry skin, your first thought might be to harshly scrub the area in an effort to get rid of imperfections, but that can actually do more harm than good. Instead, focus on building a strong barrier for beautiful skin by following a consistent skin care routine.

Glowing skin is closer than you think! New Life Laser offers COMPLIMENTARY skin care consultations to get you started on an at-home regimen personalized to your needs. A customized at-home skin care routine is the perfect jumpstart to beautiful skin.

5. Tattoo Removal

It’s easy for some to say “Live life without regrets” – but those are probably people who have not experienced the feeling of not wanting to wear short sleeves because that “cute” tattoo does not match their opinions or values any longer. It’s a good thing that unwanted tattoos are problems that science and technology can easily address, specifically with the help of medical lasers.

Before you dig into what New Life Laser’s Tattoo Removal services can do for you, you should know that “tattoo remorse” or “tattoo regret” is completely natural. Tens of thousands of people with tattoos have ended up feeling the same tattoo regret. Such a realization can really deliver a blow to your self-esteem and leave you extremely self-conscious about your body image.

With skin that is free of a reminders of the past or poor artwork that only brings unpleasant memories, one can breathe a little easier and feel that they no longer have to hide a part of themselves. Effective laser tattoo removal takes away unwanted ink & brings back the long-awaited sense of freedom – the confidence to start a new chapter in life with New Life Laser.

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