Our plan prices range from $84/month to $287/month. What sets New Life Laser apart is the fact that our plan is an unlimited guarantee. Once you’ve fulfilled the package price, you never pay another penny! No expiration date. No maximum number of treatments.

That's the New Life Laser Difference! ‚Äč

We use gold standard Pico lasers to remove all colors of ink (even stubborn blues & greens)! After submitting a photo of your tattoo, a technician from New Life Laser will send you a price quote along with a general overview of how the process works. 

How Do We Determine Cost?

Every tattoo is different & every client has a different experience with tattoo removal. Our pricing is determined by a few key factors: 

  • Size of the tattoo [small=poker chip, medium=playing card, large=standard CD] 
  • Age of the tattoo
  • Depth of ink within the tattoo 
  • Colors of ink within the tattoo
  • Placement of tattoo 


for personalized price quotes - at home!

Simply submit a photo of your tattoo in the form below & we will have a price quote emailed to you within 24 hours!